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If you have ever wanted to feel comfortable getting up on a dance floor at different events, Mary Cain Dance is the place to go! She is so patient and makes it so much fun and easy to learn! If you don’t have a partner, she will provide one for you! Her experienced dancers are always eager to demonstrate and help you out. If you are looking for a good workout without a partner, her Latin line dancing classes are great too! Her monthly dances are a great opportunity to practice what you have learned in her classes including the line dancing! Mary Cain Dance is good for the mind and good for the body!

Charline Poirier and Mark Hazen

For over a decade I have enjoyed Mary Cain's School of Dance classes. Mary's personality, expertise, and jovial enthusiasm, and Cloyd's precise movements, has inspired us to "live in the moment" and "leave our cares at the door." At Mary's dances Ricky and I have met many great friends while "dancing the dream."   

Vicki Harnett

I have been dancing at Mary Cain’s for the past three years.I was single and was really nervous at first but I love to dance and thought why not and have never regretted it and I fell in love with it , Mary has a very kind and patient way of teaching. You sense she loves what she does. I have made many new friends and it is almost like a dance family really,. It has given me a wonderful social outlet and when there, my worries and stress fade.


 Michelle Condron        

We highly recommend Mary Cain Dance! It has enriched our lives. We have met some wonderful new friends in a fun atmosphere, plus we have learned to dance! You can learn at your own pace and Mary and Cloyd are very supportive. You will look forward to your weekly classes.

Bruce and Lynn 

Taking Mary Cain’s dance classes has challenged our minds and muscles as we learned new dance moves, given us the opportunity to meet and make some great new friends, along with having loads of fun! 

Carmen and Mary

We thought that we were creating a scheduled date night by signing up for dance lessons. It did not take us long to realize that we were getting much more than time together and exercise! Once you step into one of Mary's classes the world disappears and the only things that matter are the sounds of music and the movement of your feet. With her gentle guidance and enormous patience, we were dancing in no time. The atmosphere is open and lighthearted which enabled us to form friendships that have extended outside the lessons. Quite the return for an hour’s investment.

Wayne and Lynda

Discovering Mary Cain Dance has been a true blessing. Best exercise ever, good for stress, lots of fun & laughter. Step by step, everybody can learn different dances with all kind of music. It makes me smile and happy! Great dance family also! Thank you Mary & Cloyd.

Denise Surette  

For anyone wanting to learn to dance in a relaxed, fun environment, Mary's classes are definitely the place to be! Mary is an excellent teacher, consistently positive and supportive, and her enthusiasm for dance and her joy in sharing it with others always shine through. Since I started taking her classes three years ago, I've learned a lot, laughed a lot, and gotten to know a group of wonderful people who share my love of music and dance. I always look forward to the next class, where Mary's rule number one is "Have fun!"  


Sharon Ogden     

Learning to dance with Mary Cain school of dance has exceeded my expectations! Her classes are so much fun and before you know it you have all you need to enjoy yourself dancing at social events wherever you may go!  

Denise Gaudet

Gary and I wanted to send a big “thank you” to Mary and Cloyd for introducing us to a new genre in our lives…Mary Cain Dance. I know I was the skeptical one in the beginning because believe it or not it was Gary who wanted to try out dance. We have no dance background … just the normal disco stuff we put our bodies through years ago…ha! ha!  We have been taking dance classes … jive, cha-cha, rhumba, salsa, mambo, 2 step, Hustle and even line dancing…what a lot of fun and even a great workout it is. You realize how so out of shape you are when you start. We have met some very good friends along the way, lots of laughs and we definitely look forward to the organized dance at the ending of each month. Such a fun way to practice what we have learned.

Gary & Lynn Hachey

Dance nights with Mary and Cloyd are one of the joys of our lives; always fun yet professional. We have been dance students of Mary’s for many years and loving it. People at weddings seem impressed!

John & Anne-Marie MacDonald

11 years ago I walked into Mary Cain School of Dancing and never looked back. As soon as I met Mary and Cloyd on that first night I knew that’s where I should be. Not only am I learning to dance from the best teachers but I've also made life long friends The passion and dedication that both Mary and Cloyd have for teaching is incredible! We work hard, we learn lots but we also have lots of fun! I feel so very grateful and fortunate to be part of this dance school...all those years ago, not knowing anyone when I walked in, all these people were dancing and having so much fun, I knew I wanted to be them. Mary and Cloyd welcomed me into this wonderful dance family and here I am 11 years later still going to class loving it as much if not more. It’s quite extraordinary! As soon as we hit the dance floor we all become one, as we are there for what we love most, to dance. To you Mary and Cloyd, thank you for being who are and thank you for teaching us what we love most, you’ve certainly made my life a much better place!   

Paulette Gionet

I’ve been taking dance lessons from Mary Cain for over 13 years. I tried several dance schools when I lived in Montreal, but I was never able to learn. When I moved back to Moncton I read her ad in the newspaper, it said learn to dance in a social and fun environment. I must say that the first 6 weeks were a challenge, but after I learned to relax and laugh at myself the steps became second nature. I’ve made many friends over the years and always looked forward to my classes. Dance has helped me with my balance as well as maintaining good muscle tone. I have a very demanding job and I have never left class without smiling and feeling that the stress of the day had been lifted.

Last but not least, you will learn that one more time is never enough!

Donna Richard

Going to Mary Dance Classes, it’s pure “joy & freedom”!   It’s all about “learning & having fun” !!!

I’m so grateful to have found this dance studio otherwise I
would not have been able to pursue my passion for dance.
Everyone is welcome regardless their age and most importantly
if you are “single”, she has the most wonderful helpers to dance with. Mary is an energetic , caring & dedicated teacher and she considers all her students like family. Thanks Mary for being you  

Danielle Maillet

Many years ago, I tried a line dance class and a ballroom dance class with different instructors. I decided neither was for me. I just didn’t seem to be able to figure it out. Then, more than 10 years ago, a friend convinced me to try a lesson with Mary (the first one is free, no commitment!), I was nervous and not very optimistic. Mary provided a partner for me, as prearranged. I left there doubting myself as usual but after thinking about it, I decided that the class had been fairly easy to follow and surprisingly pressure free. I decided to go back for a second class. The rest is history as they say. After all this time, I still look forward to each class! It is an excellent way to get a bit of exercise, get out of the house, destress, and socialize. I have met many people over the years, some of which have become very close friends. As a teacher, Mary is very welcoming, patient, kind and clear in her teaching methods. Her classes are fun and students are relaxed. She breaks down each step in such a way that even I am able to learn. Review is built into every class so that each step becomes second nature. She provides a great atmosphere in the classroom for couples as well as for singles. Monthly dances are very well attended. A fantastic place to practice even if you don’t go out to clubs or bars! Dance has become a very important part of my life. I am so glad I went back for that second class! 

Laurie Trites

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