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Hi. My name is Mary Cain and I've been teaching American Style Social Dancing in the greater Moncton area for over 20 years.


From the moment I stepped out on the dance floor for the first time I was hooked and knew right then and there that this style of dancing was for me. I never had the desire to compete but fell in love with the joy and fun it gave me and wanted to pass that on to others through teaching. Therefore, my approach to teaching is non-competitive and all about having fun and experiencing the joy! Through the years I have seen how dancing transforms lives. I've seen shy people come out of their shells and build confidence. I've seen people shed their loneliness by making new friends. I've seen people walk in the door exhausted and stressed after a long day at work perk up and energized within minutes of being in class. I've seen singles meet other singles in the class fall in love and get married. I've seen couples connect more deeply and become closer because of this shared activity that they are doing together. I could go on and on.

My goal is to provide a rewarding and fun learning experience for all of my students. I will teach you proper technique and skill in a relaxed and encouraging environment. I believe anyone and everyone can learn how to dance and that it should be a fun and stress free experience! I want you to be able to dance anywhere, with anyone, with confidence and to leave each class feeling great!

 All I know is that I'm very lucky to be a part of all of this! Anyone who has ever been in any of my classes can attest to the fact that I have a great passion for dancing, teaching and people. I love what I do and it shows!


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