Group Classes

Here at MaryCainDance, we specialize in teaching dances that you will use on any local dance floor. Our most popular social dances are: Jive/East Coast Swing, ChaCha, Mambo, Hustle, Salsa, Latin Line Dance, and Slow Blues! We also teach: Rumba, Waltz, Polka, Foxtrot, Country Two Step to name a few! We offer several group classes per week, along with Private lessons, Wedding Dances and Workshops on various dances.

To register call 855-8716, email or contact us on Facebook 



Classes start the week of :

1st night Monday Jan 13th @8pm!

2nd night Thursday Jan 23rd @8pm!


Sign up for our most popular social dance the Jive! The Jive is a super fun, energetic dance that you will use over and over and over again, which is why we highly recommend that you start with this dance! The first lesson is always FREE! Singles welcome! The Beginner Rate is $50 per month tx incl. 


To be announced!

Maybe you're looking for a dance class that is a lot of fun and a great workout? Maybe you're a lady who loves to dance but can't get your husband to take lessons? In this class we dance to different rhythms such as ChaCha, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Mambo, Swing, Tango etc. You don't need any dance experience for this class as we start with easy to learn dances and build from there!



To be announced!





      - Absolute Beginner ,  Thursday 6PM             

      - Sept 2019 Beginner , Thursday 7PM           

      - Intermediate,             Thursday 8PM       

Maybe the Jive isn't calling your name? Maybe you love everything Latin? Maybe you want to add a little spice to your life? Why not try out this sexy and exciting Latin dance? We teach a mixture of LA and New York Style Salsa. Singles welcome! The rate is $40 per month. 


LEVELS 1 - Advanced    STARTING WEEK of Sept 9th!


LEVEL 1 & 2

Tuesdays @ 8PM & Thursdays @ 6PM


If you started last season, either in Sept/18 or January/19, you would fit into this level. We will be doing lots of review when you start up again, just in case you haven't danced all summer, so don't worry about being rusty! They don't call me the 'Queen of Repetition' for nothing! You'll be continuing on with the Jive, both single time rhythm and the triple swing rhythm along with the ChaCha. We'll be adding the Mambo later this season as well.



LEVEL 3 & 4

Wednesdays @ 7PM

If you were in Level 1 & 2 last year then you've graduated to this level for this season! Bravo! As always, we'll be reviewing the first month back. You'll be continuing on with the Jive, ChaCha and Mambo this season and we'll be adding a little Rumba later on. 




Mondays @ 7PM & Tuesdays @ 7PM

If you were in Level 5 or 6 last season then you have graduated to this level for this season! Great job guys! As always, we'll be reviewing the first month back. You'll be continuing on with the Jive, ChaCha, Mambo and Rumba. We will also focus a bit more on converting your steps to single time Jive rhythm along with adding Charleston steps! Because you are now considered more advanced dancers, we will be focusing a bit more on bringing you up a notch in your dancing by focusing a little more on technique, floor craft, but as always keeping the mood light and fun! 



LEVELS 1-Advanced  Rate $60 Per Month tax Included

Private Lessons are available upon request!

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CONTACT MARY @ 506-855-8716  OR